Ready to get people fired up about paid leave? Host a screening of #TimeToCare today!

With the partnership of Family Values @ Work, we are happy to help you get people fired up about paid leave and host a screening of #TimeToCare today!

"The pandemic heightened awareness that we all need time to care — and that most of us can’t afford it. Ky Dickens, the award-winning director of Zero Weeks, discovered an interest in an unexpected place: TikTok. The more she looked, the more she found people with zero tolerance for zero weeks of paid leave and an appetite for activism."

Watch the #TimeToCare trailer:

"#TimeToCare is the eighth documentary by Ky Dickens, who has a track record for creating poignant work known for shifting policy and public opinion. She was inspired to make films about paid leave after facing financial duress, emotional turmoil and guilt due to a lack of paid leave after the birth of her first child.

Ky met on Zoom with TikTok users like Sarah in Florida, a young woman caring for a dad with dementia. The filmmaker was able to travel to meet several others: Grant, a veteran in Virginia who struggled to recover from intestinal surgery alone because his wife had no paid leave; Tameka, a community garden employee in Nevada who faced paydays with no pay while she and her two daughters fought COVID; and Lydia, a pregnant educator in Texas whose job offers no paid time to bond with a newborn.

Together they reach nearly 3 million people on TikTok. Each of them is using social media to advocate for affordable time to care."

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